SIG: Adoption and Diffusion of Information Technology

SIG: Adoption and Diffusion of Information Technology

A Special Interest group of the Association of Information Systems

The AIS SIGADIT is dedicated to providing a forum for researchers and individuals interested in the phenomenon of adoption and diffusion of information technology among users, organizations and societies.



Incorporated in 1988 as DIGIT, and later (in 2004) as a Special Interest Group (SIG) under the AIS umbrella, the AIS SIGADIT provides an invaluable community and networking forum for people who share an interest in this prominent area of IS research. SIGADIT is also actively exploring opportunities to diversify to all regions of the AIS and become a truly global SIG that fosters research on IT adoption and diffusion anywhere in the world.

Please feel free to browse this web site and contact us for further information about SIGADIT.